Company: Emerson

Product: Bellows Leak Detection

Description: Bellows Leak Detection, for the Crosby J-Series pressure relief valve (PRV) product line, addresses the problem of bellows failures, which are challenging to detect and often remain unnoticed for years until removal of the valve for periodic service. Leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs may include PRVs, but their target sources for leakage detection are flanges or valve seats, so bellows ruptures will generate fugitive emissions through the PRV bonnet vent that may not be in the LDAR scope. In addition, PRV installations are often difficult to access and in hazardous locations, making leak detection difficult. The Bellows Leak Detection solution consists of a backup piston and a Rosemount wireless or wired pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter provides instant timestamped notification of bellows failure and emissions volume data in real time.

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