Company: Nortek Global HVAC

Product: Reznor UEZ Condensing Gas-Fired Unit Heater

Description: The three new capacities for the Reznor UEZ condensing gas-fired unit heater supplies fuel-efficient heating to ensure cost-effective operation while promoting the safety and comfort of building occupants. Features of the launch include three new sizes (55, 85, and 110 MBH), certifications for industrial/commercial use and residential, non-living space applications (such as workshops and garages), and 93% fuel efficiency for cost-effective operation, outside air used for combustion thus combating drafty infiltration problems. Other features include a bright status light, hinged access door, and seven-segment error code display on the control board for easier service and maintenance, as well as an appliance-grade finish that is attractive for residential applications while robust enough for commercial and industrial applications.

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