COPPELL, Texas — Contractors from North America recently descended on Tampa, Florida to attend Service World Expo. At the Expo, Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Home Services, conducted a real-time demonstration of how to establish a goal, describe the actions necessary to accomplish it, and implement.   

Goodrich, speaking before a full-house of HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors, set a challenge and goal: If the group attending the show would donate $50,000 to the Joseph Groh Foundation, he would personally match it. The Joseph Groh Foundation is a 501c3 charity and provides grants exclusively to individuals in the contracting and construction trades who are living with a life-altering disability. The grants fund accessible bathroom remodels, ramps, accessible wheelchair vans, vehicle retrofits, assistive and rehabilitative technology, and more.

“When Ken was standing on stage and set this goal, I really wasn’t sure we could do it," said Vicki LaPlant, president emeritus of the Joseph Groh Foundation. "At that point, attendees had generously given $24,000, but that meant we had $26,000 to go in a few hours. But Ken’s demonstration of execution coupled with his heart and the generosity of so many people in the industry made it happen.”

After the final count was tabulated, the attendees not only met the goal, but exceeded it with over $60,000 in donations matched by Ken Goodrich. The combination made this the single largest fund-raising event in the 12-year history of the Joseph Groh Foundation.

In response to achieving the goal, Ken Goodrich said, “Bravo to Service Nation and Vicki and John LaPlant for their efforts in supporting such an important industry foundation. My industry fellows who make their living through this dynamic trade have a duty to support all efforts in pursuit of the betterment of our people.”