In the latest episode of The NEWSMakers podcast, Hannah Belloli, business management editor for The ACHR NEWS, chats with Phil Mutz, vice president of Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning.

Mutz has been in the industry since the day he was born — literally. He’s the fifth generation of his family to pursue a career in HVAC. Mutz is also featured in The ACHR NEWS' 2019 Top 40 Under 40 list, and joins the podcast to discuss life in the business, Moncrief, recruiting, marketing, and how he partners with other companies through Unique Indoor Comfort (UIC), a management and consulting firm that was founded by Mutz’s grandfather in order to help small business operators grow and develop their companies.

At UIC, Mutz serves as a technical advisor and management consultant to 12 trade businesses and startups. Mutz tells us how he supports UIC, by providing one-on-one coaching for technicians in the field, best marketing practices, training and recruitment programs, and more.

Mutz also discusses what he calls “an industry branding issue,” and what he feels needs to be done to address the labor shortage, and how “keeping it real” has helped him in the recruiting process.