Company: Flair

Product: Puck Pro

Description: The Puck Pro is a wireless smart thermostat for ductless mini splits. It’s universally compatible with 200+ major brands of mini splits and provides mobile, tablet, and desktop app control. It also allows temperature sensing on the puck instead of the head unit. The Puck Pro doesn’t need to be hardwired, so makes for an easy and quick install. Customers can use Amazon Alexa or Hey Google for hands-free commands. Contractors can view a customer’s Flair home digitally to diagnose a problem before rolling a truck. The Puck Pro is only available via distribution and carries a 3-year pro warranty. Flair provides priority support for professionals via phone and email, as well as access videos and installation guides. In addition, the staged heating/integrated controls settings qualify for homeowner and contractor rebates in select states.

Contact: (855) 559-9551;; eProduct 184

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