Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, a plumbing and HVAC company serving residential and commercial locations in California and Arizona, announced the launch of its podcast, HeroTalk, which will promote the home service trades and discuss hot topics and issues affecting the industry.

“We are excited to be able to offer our expertise on everything involving the home service industry from customer service to the work in the field to leadership and management,” said John Akhoian, co-founder and CEO of Rooter Hero. “The topic list should appeal to anyone who works in the industry and to people who want to learn more about it.”

Akhoian said Rooter Hero has aired podcasts in the past but not on a consistent basis. HeroTalk will air weekly on Thursdays.

The podcast features Rooter Hero Contact Center Manager David Powers and Social Media Coordinator Katherine “Kat” Conches. Powers and Conches have already interviewed several experts, including Akhoian and other Rooter Hero managers, and have discussed topics ranging from the power of positive reviews to time management.

“We want this podcast to be as entertaining as it is informative,” Powers said. “The topics are unique and delve into aspects of the home service trades that other podcasts don’t investigate. We hope these new perspectives invite discussion with others in the industry and makes the listener think about things from a different angle.”

The podcast is available on Google Podcasts, Amazon and Spotify.