LOS ANGELES — Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, a plumbing and HVAC company serving residential and commercial locations in California and Arizona, expanded its HVAC services to include all of Los Angeles County.

Rooter Hero started as a California-based plumbing service company in 2011 but began moving into the HVAC installation and repair industry after it acquired an HVAC company in Phoenix in 2019.

“Expanding the Rooter Hero HVAC services brand throughout all of Los Angeles has been a priority for us, and we’re thrilled that we have met that goal,” said John Akhoian, cofounder and CEO, Rooter Hero. “We have offered the residents of Los Angeles County exceptional plumbing and drain cleaning services for more than a decade now, and it was a natural next step to add HVAC repair and maintenance to our roster of services, as well.”

In addition to standard HVAC repair and maintenance service, the company also provides 24-hour emergency services in the markets where its HVAC repair is available. The company’s plumbing division provides new installation, repair, and maintenance solutions and emergency services for both residential and commercial customers.

The company currently services 13 metro areas in California and Arizona, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Phoenix. The company plans to expand its HVAC services in several other California counties throughout the year. For more information, visit https://rooterhero.com.