Meet all of the 2022 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
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Ted Dockrey

Company: Suntech Heat, Air Conditioning, Plumbing
Title: Co-Owner
Age: 33

Ted Dockrey’s father inspired him to get into HVAC. His dad was introduced to refrigeration by chance in the 1980s and began to do side work to help support his family; he developed a passion for residential HVAC and soon started his own residential company.

As a young pre-teen, Ted began to work in that business over the summer.

“I hated every moment of it that first summer but enjoyed the respect I gained from him. I had no idea that I would later develop a passion for it,” Ted said.

While attending college, he received a call from his dad saying the business was in trouble. His father had fallen ill and asked for Ted to come home to get the business back on the right track.

“I commuted back home while attending school. This is when I developed a passion for the business side of HVAC,” Ted said.

When his dad fully healed, it was time for Ted to move on, so he went to work for a distributor for a year. He eventually found his way back to contracting by buying Suntech with his business partner, Mark Ryan.

They have grown the company over 1,000% in less than four years and project a gross volume of $10 million this year.

“I highly value all of the knowledge and relationships I have been blessed to have over the years. My wife, Jessica, had provided a secure space for me to thrive, which I am very thankful for. My partner, Mark Ryan, has also been key to my success,” Ted said. “One of my greatest achievements have been helping to build a successful team of talented people.”