Company: Rite-Hite

Product: Revolution LT High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan

Description: Rite-Hite has added the Revolution LT HVLS Fan to its expanding industrial fan lineup. This newest fan in the series provides cooling and destratification with ease of operation. The Revolution LT is an economical, affordable fan for facilities that need efficient air movement with basic controls. Available in 8- to 24-foot diameters, the Revolution LT Fan’s four-blade design comes with a single fan controller that uses a 4-inch touchscreen for operation (on/off, speed adjustment, and forward/reverse settings). The Revolution LT pulls air from above the fan and pushes it down in toward the floor in a conical shape, spreading up to 85 feet in all directions from the center of the fan. This cone shape allows the HVLS fan to cover up to 22,000 square feet without leaving a dead air spot in the center.

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