MILWAUKEE — Johnson Controls celebrates a milestone as the Xaap Compliance Reporting Platform surpasses one million building inspections. Since 2018, facility managers and their teams have used the Xaap compliance reporting software to test nearly 55 million individual building devices, including fire alarms, extinguishers, security devices, sprinklers, and other systems across North America. Xaap has helped these customers identify more than 500,000 deficiencies within their building systems, uncovering many opportunities to improve building safety and compliance.

“At Xaap, we’re working to digitize all inspection types to help keep people and assets safe,” said Evan Bombino, sales director, new product technology, global fire detection products at Johnson Controls. “As we surpass one million inspections and over 500,000 deficiencies documented, we’re excited by the prospect of how this large set of Xaap data will help us optimize experiences for users and allow us to offer improved smart building products.”  

Xaap is a mobile- and web-based building inspection reporting application that provides a single, centralized platform for tracking, maintaining, and reporting building system compliance. The mobile app allows inspectors to capture inspection data and generate reports directly from their mobile devices. Xaap is designed to help make the lives of inspectors, technicians, service managers, back-office teams, facility managers, and building owners easier. By streamlining the inspection process through a variety of smart application features, Xaap helps deliver accurate and efficient inspection reporting.

Xaap is available on the App Store and Google Play.