MARIETTA, Ga. — Wrench Group recently expanded into Tucson, Ariz. in a continuation of its “greenfield” growth strategy.

The company added this new market as Parker & Sons, a home services provider since 1974 and a Wrench Group company, announcing it opened its first location in Tucson earlier this month.

With the expansion, the company now has a presence in 19 markets across the country, spanning from California to Maryland. The company has increased the number of markets served by its partners by more than 50% in just the past ten months. While Wrench also grows via mergers and acquisitions, the Tucson expansion is part of Wrench’s “greenfield” growth plans to add approximately 20 built-from-the-ground-up locations over the next several years in key markets across the country, investing heavily to open new facilities, hire staff, and provide marketing, advertising, technology, and operations support.

“We’ve always believed that there are multiple avenues to growth, particularly given the strong track record of the home service industry in recent years,” said Ken Haines, CEO of Wrench Group. “Tucson is a market we’ve long felt is a great place to build a business, and bringing a trusted Arizona brand like Parker & Sons to town is the perfect opportunity to do so. Adding greenfield locations of well-respected regional companies is a natural complement to our extensive strategic M&A efforts.”

This is the third market where Wrench has employed a “greenfield” strategy. The company opened greenfield locations in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Fla. last March and April, respectively.

Located at 3801 N. Hwy Drive, Tucson, the new Parker & Sons location expects to employ 50 people by the end of its first year. The company currently employs over 700 team members in Arizona and serves more than 100,000 customers annually.