As homeowners are demanding more indoor air quality, Broan-NuTone is looking to provide both solid IAQ and peace of mind for the customer.

At the 2020 AHR Expo, the company introduced Overture, a fully automated, cloud-connected, whole-home IAQ system that monitors and optimizes air in the home. Overture monitors the quality of air in the home, then automatically turns on the connected supply and exhaust ventilation when air quality levels are low.

This allows homeowners to breathe easy when it comes to managing the health of their home. It is managed by a mobile app and integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google.

“These are monitoring pollution problems all over the home,” said Dave Jones, senior marketing communications manager for Broan-NuTone. “It takes the onus off the homeowner for managing their IAQ. Plus, it takes the pressure off an HVAC contractor.”

With an increased awareness and heightened concern of airborne threats in the home, owners have sought to better understand the multiple sources of poor indoor air and implement advancements in ventilation systems such as range hoods, bath fans, and whole-home fresh air systems.

Now more than ever, IAQ is a high priority for homeowners and builders alike. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and Americans spend 90% of their time inside. If air quality is poor, it can have short-term and long-term health effects ranging from irritated eyes and a stuffy nose to more severe issues such as respiratory diseases. This information impacts builders’ material and system choices for the home, eclipsing other criterion like design and aesthetic.

Overture is fully integrated into a home's supply and exhaust ventilation and can be installed in new construction or remodels without the need for an incremental hub, meaning it can be controlled from the cloud. Overture operates with new or existing products using specialized switches and sensors, allowing for easy installation and control from a mobile device.

The system provides a fully customizable, automated IAQ system that delivers up-to-the-minute reporting on the home's indoor air quality and how the system is acting to maintain constant, fresh airflow. When sensors detect a rise in indoor air pollution by increased humidity, VOCs, smoke, carbon dioxide, or small particles (sometimes referred to as PM2.5), the system automatically switches on the appropriate Broan-NuTone ventilation fan, range hood, ERV/HRV, or supply fan to eliminate the pollutant while simultaneously bringing in fresh, clean air from outside. The entire system is easily managed with an app, allowing the user to see live snapshots of a home’s indoor air quality, individual rooms’ air quality, and historical data.

“Homeowners want these types of products and are certainly willing to pay for them,” Jones said.