GRAPEVINE, Texas — A recent survey conducted by Rotobrush International LLC indicates homeowners have a strong interest in cleaning the air ducts in their home and taking proactive steps to improve indoor air quality.

Conducted by Engine Insights in partnership with Rotobrush, the research included responses from nearly 400 households throughout the United States. While indoor air quality has increasingly become a concern in recent years, the pandemic brought additional attention to how important it is to reduce airborne contaminants. In the survey, 49% of the respondents said they were very concerned or somewhat concerned about the spread of COVID-19 inside the home. Nearly half of the respondents also paid a lot of attention to news reports on the airborne transmission of COVID-19.

“Homeowners are putting a greater emphasis on actively creating a healthier indoor environment for their family and themselves,” said Bob Elledge, president and CEO of Rotobrush International. “This is an opportunity for contractors to provide customers with education on how they can improve the air quality in their home. From having their air ducts cleaned to purchasing an indoor air cleaner, there are several solutions that offer many benefits including reducing harmful contaminants.”

Air duct cleaning is certainly top of mind among homeowners, with 91% of survey respondents stating they believe that clean air ducts create a healthier home. Since the pandemic started, 27% had their air ducts cleaned due to indoor air quality concerns and 41% plan to have their air ducts vacuumed by a professional in the next six months.

Additional highlights from the survey include:

  • 32% paid between $451 and $1,000 to have their air ducts professionally cleaned
  • 91% believe that clean air ducts create a healthier home
  • 89% believe a well-functioning duct system and furnace can remove dangerous particles from the air
  • 91% felt better when breathing the air in the house after the ducts were cleaned or vacuumed
  • 79% would like a duct cleaning service to offer an indoor test to measure the purity of their indoor air
  • 28% bought an indoor air cleaner or purifier since the pandemic started
  • 38% are very likely or somewhat likely to consider buying an indoor air cleaner or purifier
  • 37% have been changing their air filters more often since the pandemic

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