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Sustainability is core to the thinking at Rheem and was a common theme throughout the AHR Expo, especially as the company continues to look ahead to its 2025 sustainability goals and designing for zero waste.

“We are constantly evaluating new ways to innovate our products to achieve a more sustainable future, which has a direct impact on the way Rheem develops products, refines its manufacturing processes, and trains our channel partners,” said Phil Oglesby, manager of education and content development at Rheem. “The AHR Expo is an annual catalyst for imminent changes within our industry and allows companies like Rheem to showcase the sustainability and technology innovations that enable the efficient, convenient, and reliable products demanded by the market.”


New Innovations

Rheem Classic Plus Heat Pump.

TIGHT SPACES: The Rheem Classic Plus side-discharge heat pump and multi-position air handler is ideal for installations with tight space requirements and/or outdoor sound regulations. (Courtesy of Rheem)

At its booth, Rheem showcased the Classic Plus Series side-discharge heat pump and multi-position air handler system, which is an innovative solution for installations with tight space requirements and/or outdoor sound regulations. The product was unveiled in 2021 and remains a popular solution because of its flexible installation and serviceability features, which include the following:

  • Easy installation in places such as condominiums, zero lot-line boundaries, multi-family housing, rooftop terraces and balconies, and those with acoustic requirements.
  • All units are designed for 0-inch clearance to combustible material on all cabinet surfaces except for downflow application with higher kW electric heat for easy installment.
  • The side discharge heat pump allows for flexible installation in tight outdoor spaces with a minimum clearance of only 21 inches on three sides. The three-way multi-position air handler provides installers with multiple options for indoor configuration.
  • Control panel located on the front of the air handler system allows for easy and quick access when inspecting the product, making the job more fluid.

The Classic Plus Series operates at variable speeds, making ongoing adjustments to maximize comfort, saving the most energy during peak and non-peak heating and cooling demands and energy savings year-round. The air handler manages humidity levels in the home, also improving comfort and helping to save money on energy bills.

“Rheem’s pairing of these sustainability features with the system’s technician-centric design has set a new industry standard for solutions with non-standard applications,” said Oglesby. “The products were designed in such a way so that everyone can have access to our industry-leading technology.”

Rheem Renaissance Rooftop Unit.

FLEXIBLE FOOTPRINT: The Renaissance 15- to 25-ton rooftop unit features a flexible footprint with two return options to choose from. (Courtesy of Rheem)

Rheem also announced the expansion of its commercial products lineup with the addition of 15-, 17.5-, 20-, and 25-ton models to the popular Renaissance line and the addition of a 30-ton model with VAV, respectively.

“Rheem Renaissance products are well known throughout the industry for their install-ability, serviceability, and reliability features, and these new models feature the same benefits in bigger capacities,” said Rosa Leal, senior manager of product management. “Added features include a flexible footprint with two return options to choose from to make replacement jobs easy.”

Units also come standard with a phase protection monitor to further protect the unit while in operation and innovative technology such as the new, patent pending, Cooling System Design, which will help to meet higher IEER for DOE 2023, said Leal. Other standard features that technicians will appreciate are a slide-out blower and heat exchanger, as well as PlusOne SmartShield, which is unique to Rheem and makes replacement, installation, and service easier.

Bob Ellis, Raypak regional sales manager.

COMPACT BOILERS: Bob Ellis, Raypak regional sales manager, poses with the brand-new XVers + KŌR line of compact condensing fire tube boilers. (Staff photo)

Raypak, a Rheem company, launched the XVers + KŌR line of commercial boilers at the AHR Expo. According to regional sales manager, Bob Ellis, these are the most intelligent compact condensing fire tube boilers available on the market. Featuring the new high-efficiency stainless steel KŌR fire tube heat exchanger, XVers + KŌR packs more heat into a smaller footprint, providing unmatched value to customers, he said. Raypak’s new line of boilers provides a suitable hydronic heating solution for commercial applications such as hospitals, schools, and multi-family housing.

“Rheem and our family of brands including Raypak, Ruud, HTPG, and Eemax, mark the AHR Expo as one of the premier industry events of our calendar year, because it’s an incredible opportunity to not only reconnect with our customers, suppliers, and contracting partners, but also gain and share insights on emerging technologies and the overall direction of our industry,” said Oglesby.