Modine’s goal at this year’s AHR Expo was to educate customers about how its products meet current standards and efficiencies. The company enjoys attending the Expo, as it is a great place to interact with customers, see what’s trending in the industry, and showcase what Modine has been working on over the past year, said Kimberly Raduenz, marketing manager of BHVAC at Modine.

“It is important to us to make sure that it is well known that Modine takes pride in making sure our product is always meeting or exceeding efficiency and emission standards,” she said. “Modine spends a lot of time and resources on testing and developing our products so they can meet all standards for any job.”



One of those products is the Atherion® commercial packaged ventilation system, which is designed to bring fresh, tempered outside air into a facility. With outstanding cooling and dehumidification capabilities, the system is also available with a broad range of gas, electric, and hot water heating options to best suit any application, said Raduenz.

“For ultimate fuel efficiency, the Atherion is available with condensing high-efficiency gas heat options, providing up to 94 percent thermal efficiency,” she said. “The Modine Conservicore technology is an option ideally suited for outside air applications in colder climates to provide significant annual energy savings with an attractive payback.”

Also featured in the booth was a new line of hydronic heaters designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. Offered in horizontal air delivery models, the units are specifically designed for use with high-efficiency boilers.

“These new high-efficiency hydronic units will work with high-efficiency boilers, so it’s not necessary to oversize the heater,” said Raduenz. “Plus, it greatly reduces electrical usage.”

Modine also recently launched a new controls system, which is optimized for the equipment in which it is installed.

“We now have as standard in our most efficient heating units, a BMS board that is compatible with any BMS system a building owner may have,” said Raduenz. “It’s our first step into the BMS world, and we want people to know about it.”

Raduenz noted that Modine has all its control engineers in-house, so they can create personalized programs for a particular product and write the code in-house; then, the controls are factory installed.

“By the time it gets to its final destination, the controls are already installed and ready to be set up,” she said. “That means somebody doesn’t have to program the controllers, because it’s done at the factory. That saves time and money.”

Another focus in the booth was on energy efficiency ratings and how contractors and engineers can understand how to compare various ratings, such as SEER and EER. Units with an EER rating are tested differently than units with a SEER rating and should not be compared as equal equipment, according to Modine.

“That is why we have proactively upgraded all of our units to meet the new EER standard on our single packaged vertical air conditioners and heat pumps,” said Raduenz. “We strive to be one of the most energy-efficient manufacturers of in-classroom HVAC solutions.”