Company: FabricAir Inc.

Product: FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser

Description: The FabricAir Ceiling Diffuser is a seamless, customizable, aesthetic, and fast-installing fabric air diffuser for T-Bar ceilings in office, education, and other commercial applications. It consists of an 11.8-inch-high plenum and a flat seamless flow panel in sizes of 24x24 inches or 24x48 inches. The extruded aluminum, fabric-covered plenum adapts to round supply duct ranging from 5-10 inches. The plenum’s insulation prevents condensation and energy loss. The insulation, plenum design, and flow panel combine to help reduce airflow noise to an industry-low NC-30 or less, depending on operatic static pressure.

Contact: (502) 493-2210;; eProduct 187

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