NASHVILLE, TN —  XOi Technologies announced a new partnership with Warwick Mechanical Group, a full-service contracting firm providing mechanical systems for commercial, industrial, medical, and institutional facilities in southeastern and central Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

“Warwick Mechanical Group strives to be the best in class service provider by building relationships and adding value for our customers,” said Ron Clark, vice president of services for Warwick Mechanical Group. “Partnering with XOi not only improves our operational processes but enhances value by increasing the trust between our technicians and our customers.”

XOi’s curb-to-curb technician enablement solution offers Warwick Mechanical Group tools for maximizing customer value through industry-leading efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. Incorporating XOi’s data-based visual documentation platform equips Warwick to deliver field service technician support and optimize customer deliverables. 

“With XOi, commercial contractors have an all-in-one solution for leveraging essential visual data to streamline communication and workflows,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “The unique insights and analytics available in our platform can help companies establish a market advantage by delivering elevated productivity and reducing friction.”