Company: Zip-A-Duct

Product: Fabric Duct

Description: Zip-A-Duct is designed for smaller to medium-sized, non-plan/spec ventilation projects. Applications include retail, restaurants, athletic training facilities, offices, industry, warehouses, temporary structures, grow ops, and any other commercial/industrial/institutional open-architecture ceiling applications requiring exposed HVAC ductwork. Zip-A-Duct is constructed of polyester-woven fabric available in 8-inch to 36-inch diameter components that are quickly installed with zippered connections aesthetically concealed under flaps for a smooth, streamlined appearance. Components include custom elbows, custom lengths, T-fittings, inlets, endcaps, and eccentric reducers. Colors include white, grey, black, and blue. Air volume ranges from 385 to 9,200 cfm, depending on duct diameter. Air is distributed along the length through linear vents consisting of laser-cut orifices ranging from 1/8-inch to 1-inch diameter. Zip-A-Duct is suspended from aircraft cable supported along the length with vertical cables and quick-adjust connectors. Once the cable is stretched and supported from the structure, the fabric sections and fittings simply clip onto the cable along the length and then zip together. Optional, internal 360-degree shape-retaining hoops are included to maintain a 100% inflated appearance, even during idle supply air handler periods. The hoops consist of flexible fiberglass rods connected with pre-attached stainless steel couplings. Each rod is concealed inside its own interior fabric holding sleeve that’s undetectable from the duct’s streamlined exterior and minimizes friction losses inside the duct.

Contact: 470-622-6810,, eProduct 181

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