RICHMOND, Va. — Super Radiator Coils has spent the last six months gathering performance data from multiple condenser coil tests using refrigerants R-448A and R-449A. SRC invested in a custom-designed lab for the sole purpose of determining condenser coil performance, especially with multi-part refrigerant blends. Historically, obtaining accurate performance modeling for these multi-part refrigerants has been difficult due to a lack of available test data.

The testing is complete and its resulting data will be used to validate condenser performance ratings in Enterprise, SRC’s coil selection software. Users can now select these low-GWP refrigerants when designing condenser coils. Enterprise users can also design evaporators for these refrigerants, but their performance ratings have not yet been validated.

All testing was performed in SRC’s wind tunnel test lab, located at its Richmond, Virginia, facility and was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Jian Yu, Super Radiator Coils’ corporate director of engineering research.

“This wide range of coil-level test data allows us to validate our model and provide a reliable tool for rating coil performance with blended refrigerants,” said Jian.

These “next-gen HFO-based” refrigerants are popular replacements for a handful of low to medium-temperature refrigerants that face impending regulatory action or have already been regulated, such as R-404 and R-507.

This data will help HVAC professionals more accurately model these new refrigerants’ performance, which SRC hopes will increase their adoption and help accelerate the proliferation of more environmentally friendly refrigerant options.

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