RICHMOND, Va. — Minnesota-based heat exchanger manufacturer Super Radiator Coils announced the opening of its new Heat Transfer Lab. Designed to determine the tube-side heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of refrigerants under single-phase convective flow and condensation conditions, the lab will be used to test both single-part refrigerants and various refrigerant blends.

The refrigerant data collected from the new lab will be paired with SRC's existing wind tunnel test laboratory data, providing engineers with a more comprehensive thermal performance model.

The lab will also be used to gather data on the interaction of refrigerants with various tube materials, diameters, and internal enhancements, which will allow users to make more informed refrigerant and material selections based on the specific performance needs of their application.

SRC’s corporate director of engineering research, Jian Yu, Ph.D., led the lab’s multi-year development. The resource is installed within Super Radiator Coils’ Richmond facility. 

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