Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for alternative ways to safely address seasonal maintenance needs and/or home repairs given changes to standard procedures set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From social distancing protocols to mask requirements, home visits provide new challenges. The HVAC industry has worked quickly to adapt to this new normal. Our professionals continue delivering necessary services to homeowners in a safety-first way, especially as we enter peak cooling season, to ensure HVAC systems operate smoothly and are prepared to withstand the summer heat. 

With new precautions in place that impact in-person maintenance appointments, the need for digital dealers with remote solutions has become more urgent. Digital remote technology provides technicians with resources to streamline the service process, which enables an HVAC technician to investigate a system from afar with the safest and most cost-effective strategies. Further, the rise of the digital dealer and remote capabilities reinforces how smart technology can bring homeowners convenience, comfort and peace of mind. 

As a trusted HVAC partner, we can share tips for approaching cooling season more efficiently through remote diagnostics. 

1. Stay in tune with the latest remote diagnostic capabilities: 

Take advantage of training programs to better understand how the remote diagnostic programs operate. Learn how/when to use these offerings to determine if an in-person visit is necessary, or if the issue can be resolved without having face-to-face contact with the homeowner. These programs offer a more holistic explanation of remote diagnostics, allowing you to add more tools to your virtual toolbox. Also, it’s important to stay in touch with your network to learn about future training opportunities, as well.

2. Clearly communicate the benefits of digital offerings to the homeowner:

Many homeowners assume that HVAC updates or fixes can only be handled by having a technician physically enter their home. In the era of COVID-19, there is heightened concern as to how safe it is to have someone entering the house, particularly when an immune-compromised person is living in the household. With remote diagnostics and the homeowner’s permission, it’s possible to access the system’s information, diagnose the issue, and sometimes completely address the issue remotely. If the matter cannot be fixed remotely, some diagnostics programs allow the technician to determine what parts will be needed for the in-person repair, let the tech explain the situation by phone, and thereby greatly reduce the time spent inside the customer’s home. 

Because remote diagnostics is new to most customers, it’s important to share easy-to-follow infographics, short commercial assets, and other digestible materials that clearly explain the benefits of this new offering. Have these materials readily available on your tablet or online for homeowners to review and build confidence in opting into this service. 

3. Be overly responsive and aware of your customer’s concerns:

Knowing in-person service calls have been halted or delayed due to COVID-19, thorough communication and frequent touch bases with your customers are even more important. Looking ahead to heating season, continue to reinforce the benefits of remote diagnostics and remain ready to inform customers of alternative solutions and safety protocols.  

Following these tips and procedures paves the way for sustained growth for digital dealers and provides homeowners another way to make sure their systems are running properly – whether or not in-person visits are an option. 

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