GLASGOW, United Kingdom — July 2020 marks the bicentenary of the birth of William Rankine. Those interested can join a special webinar celebrating his life and achievements on July 27. Those who register for this free event will find out just how influential this Scottish engineer and physicist has been in shaping the modern world.

Each presentation in this celebratory webinar will deal with a specific field that Rankine influenced and will be delivered by a specialist in the subject, with renowned physicist and TV presenter Helen Czerski hosting the session on Rankine’s legacy in thermodynamics.

This special event is the opening session of the Rankine 2020 Conference – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation but, in order to celebrate Rankine’s birth, this session is open to all and free to join.  

The Rankine 2020 Conference is a unique virtual event which is bringing together the fields of power cycles, working fluids and RACHP application. This technical conference will feature 75 individual talks, three keynote addresses, and one short course. Spaces are still available for the Rankine 2020 Conference. This includes access to all live conference sessions, downloads of all 75 technical papers, and unlimited access to recordings of talks until the end of this year. Visit for more information and bookings.

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