LONDON — World Refrigeration Day will be held on June 26, 2020, and the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) is launching four initiatives over the next two weeks to celebrate. These are:

  1. An IOR membership campaign with a reduced joining fee and instant access to the IOR's online resources. The IOR is aware that many people are still furloughed or may have lost their job and wants to help them keep their skills up to date during these uncertain times – anyone in this position won’t have to pay their full membership fee until September.
  2. The IOR Service Engineers’ Section is becoming the IOR RACHP Engineering Technician Section to reflect the broader appeal of the section which covers technical roles across the whole spectrum of cooling activities. The section is not just for those involved in service work but also open to those in installation, maintenance, commissioning, sales, or any hands-on technical role across the whole spectrum of cooling activities. It also reflects the new RACHP Engineering Technician Apprenticeship title.
  3. RACHP Heroes - a social media campaign celebrating the work of everyone in the IOR's sector who has helped to support essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IOR invites industry participants to nominate a RACHP hero or hero or share stories on social media using the #rachpheroes and #wrefd20 to open the eyes of the public to the essential contribution that the cooling industry has made.
  4. An IOR Climate Change Plan for Cooling which highlights the path towards the a net-zero future. The IOR has identified seven challenges that need to be addressed at a policy, technical, and practical level to achieve lasting change and it wants to work with members, policy makers, and other organizations to find solutions to these issues.

"We all know that refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps are all cooling processes essential to the modern world and to our society,” said Miriam Rodway, IOR’s CEO. “World Refrigeration Day on June 26 is a great platform to show that the cooling sector is and has to be open – open because of the vital role it plays in supporting many sectors, including hospitals and food supply, but also that we as an Institute are open to support individuals working in the field and to working together on the difficult issues facing our industry and our future.” 

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