MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. — The ESCO Institute announced the launch of an online learning center for the HVACR industry, the ESCO Learning Network (ELN). This network was formed primarily to help address the challenges instructors face knowing that all of their students learn differently. 

Highly effective instructors realize that one particular instructional delivery method that helps one person learn may not be successful for another. To confront instructional challenges, instructors typically incorporate various teaching methodologies into their training. By doing so, students are encouraged to use multiple senses to read content, hear content, and ultimately practice what they are learning through questions, quizzes, and other assessment tools. 

These same techniques used in the classroom are now being integrated into what is collectively referred to as immersive learning. In an immersive learning environment, learning is approached from many different angles, allowing a person to learn the content in various ways. With multiple levels of exposure, a person’s level of comprehension and content retention are greatly increased. While an e-book, as a singular channel for learning, allows someone to learn by reading, immersive learning goes much further by encouraging continual practice of the concepts being taught. 

Presently, the ESCO Learning Network now offers immersive learning courses for the EPA Section 608 and R-410A Certifications, as well as a Refrigeration Cycle course, Water Heaters course, and Gas Heating course. Soon, ESCO will be releasing many of its popular training programs as immersive learning courses to further assist HVACR educators and trainers in better preparing the HVACR workforce. 

Learn more about the new online HVACR learning center, its e-books, training videos, the workbench series, free webinars, and immersive learning resources, by visiting

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