COPPELL, Texas — Service Nation held an industry-wide webinar last week to discuss how to stay positive, productive, and prepared during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Service Nation Online Summit rebroadcast opens with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer, who knows a thing or two about recovering from disasters and closes with a motivational speech by Kevin Brown. In between, Service Nation has recruited contractors who are creating the best practices for responding during the crisis. In addition, it has a senior level medical professional who gives a presentation on what contractors need to know, based on what the medical community currently knows.

“We thought an informative and educational event, would be beneficial for all residential contractors during these challenging times,” said Matt Michel, president of Service Nation. “It is important that home service business owners stay focused during the ebb and flow of the economy. They need to prepare for the eventual return to normal and spend their time and resources wisely during this time.”

The Service Nation Online Summit will be rebroadcast this coming Sunday, April 5, again from 4:00 PM to 8:15 PM. Residential contractors can register for the event here

“All of the speakers did a tremendous job of educating and informing residential contractors on how to stay the course during this difficult time,” said David Heimer, senior vice president of Service Nation. “The tendency of some companies to put on the brakes and we are encouraging our members as well as any other contractors to be proactive during this time.” 

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