Company: ClimateMaster® Inc.

Product: Trilogy® 45 (VE)

Description: Created for residential applications, this product is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Energy Star’s® Most Efficient 2020. The system features variable-speed components, including the compressor, indoor fan, and loop water circuit, designed to match system capacity to the heating and cooling load of the residence. The design results in an energy efficiency rating (EER) greater than 45. It is for those applications where domestic hot water generation is not required and offers an optional iGate® ClimaZone™ that allows users to direct heating and cooling needs to designated zones providing comfort for the complete home. iGate two-way and Wi-Fi communication allow remote system control and diagnostics. The overall unit provides sustainable efficiency with clean, renewable energy that comes from the earth to heat and cool homes. The unit is ultra-quiet and has air filtration for improved indoor air quality and air exchange due to highly efficient extended run times. The company estimates the systems have a 25-year life span.

Contact: 405-745-6000,, eProduct 183

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