MASON, Ohio — The Harris Products Group has a solution for OEMs, manufacturers, wholesalers, and contractors in the HVACR industry to accommodate switching from copper to aluminum: AluxcorTM, a line of flux-cored brazing alloys for joining aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper or brass.

Aluxcor offers strength and corrosion resistance and is available in various formulations for hand brazing and auto brazing applications. For example, Aluxcor 4047 was created for auto brazing and has four different non-corrosive and non-hygroscopic flux combinations with no binder to fit the OEM's specific heating applications. Aluxcor comes in a variety of wire diameters in spools, cut lengths, and rings that are often installed on the return bends prior to shipping to OEMs.

The Aluxcor line is also available to HVAC technicians at their favorite wholesaler.

For OEM coil manufacturers, Harris has included Aluxcor brazing rings as a turnkey solution to help these customers in their move to aluminum. Despite the fact that copper prices have quadrupled over the past few years, many in the industry were hesitant to invest in developing alternatives to copper brazing. In 2015, Harris began investing heavily in research, engineering, capital equipment, and new processes that would help OEM customers overcome the challenges with aluminum.

Harris also manufactures aluminum return bends built to the OEM’s design. The bends are manufactured to meet precise tolerance. As an added service, Harris can pre-install Aluxcor rings on the return bends. This turnkey service results in improvements to OEM’s brazing operations, a higher first-pass yield and considerable cost reductions.

Along with Aluxcor, Harris provides a full range of products that are used every day by HVAC technicians including brazing alloys, solders, fluxes, fuel gases, and air-fuel equipment.