Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Malco Products designed its entire booth around the company’s history as well as its push towards the future.

“It’s a special booth — the largest booth we’ve ever had at AHR and a much more modern design,” said Steve Thompson, general sales manager at Malco Products. “We’ve got a sign up above our booth to draw traffic. This is just a start to our year-long celebration, and all of our sales reps have come to work the booth and meet customers.”

According to Thompson, the company plans to do further promotions throughout the year with t-shirts, hats, and golf shirts that will be given to the company’s distributors. Malco is proud of its roots in Annandale, Minnesota, with new operations in DeWitt, Nebraska. The Nebraska facility is a new addition to the company, where it will be making a line of locking handle tools as the facility’s initial product launch. Overall, the company’s product line is focused on American-made specialty hand tools for HVAC professionals.

“We’re proud to celebrate this important milestone in Malco’s history,” said Mardon Quandt, president and COO. “We look forward to continuing a culture of innovation and promoting on-the-job safety and increased productivity for hands-on pros for the next 70 years.”

Malco’s booth featured product upgrades, and attendees gathered to see items like the new C-RHEX® driver sizes.

Designed with HVAC professionals in mind, these cleanable, reversible magnetic hex drivers do double-duty with “2-EZ Technology” that ensures two sizes of hex drives are always at hand. Available in four lengths — 2-inch, 25/8-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch — C-RHEX drivers are quick to set up and change between sizes while the driver shank remains installed in the drill chuck.

Another tool highlighted at the booth showed some of the progression of Malco’s history in hand tools. A hand crimper for sheet metal that was introduced 70 years ago has been improved ergonomically over the years. Malco also offers an automatic crimping tool. The TurboCrimper® Impact is an impact driver attachment designed to work with a minimum 12V DC cordless or maximum 7-amp AC corded impact driver. No setup or adjustment is needed. Users can immediately begin crimping multiple sizes, types, and thicknesses of round metal duct.

“Our goal is to come up with ways to make it less fatiguing, easier, and quicker for HVAC technicians to do their jobs,” said Thompson.

There were approximately 200 items in the booth during AHR, and Malco has approximately 1,200 products in its catalog.

“We’ve been around a long time, and we’re very recognized,” said Thompson. “We’re the innovators, we’re the originators, and we’re made in the USA, but it’s the consistent quality that’s so important.”