To help HVACR instructors understand the future of refrigerants, HVAC Excellence has announced a series of sessions that will be conducted by refrigerant manufacturers during the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference, which will be held March 23-25, 2020, at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The annual conference was created specifically for those involved in HVACR training and provides the opportunity for attendees to participate in 60-plus educational sessions. The sessions cover a wide array of topics and are designed to help HVACR educators and trainers keep their training current, improve their teaching techniques, and be more effective in preparing others for success in the HVACR industry.

For the refrigerant training track, sessions will include:

Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce for Flammable Refrigerants

Speaker: Dr. Charles Algood, Ph.D., technology leader for refrigerants at Chemours

Description: As the HVACR industry makes the transition to more sustainable refrigerants, there will be a need for a highly trained workforce capable of safely and effectively installing and servicing equipment charged with flammable refrigerants. This session will equip instructors with a solid foundation of flammability as it relates to refrigerants, including the basics of how flammability is determined, standards, definitions, the practical differences between flammability classes (1, 2L, 2, and 3) and various building codes. Participants will also learn the hands-on procedures and techniques that will be required of technicians working with flammable refrigerants.

Working with Refrigerant Blends (Understanding Temperature Glide)

Speaker: Ralph Vergara, technical training manager at Honeywell

Description: This session is for instructors who want a better understanding of how refrigerant blends work and how to work with blends that have a temperature glide. Also provided will be training materials to make it easier for instructors to understand and teach students how to work with refrigerant blends with temperature glide.

The Status of Refrigerant Transition: What Will you Use and When

Speaker: Scot Swan, global market manager for HVACR at Arkema Inc.

Description: There is a lot going on in the RAC industry today, most of it driven by regulations, and a lot of misconception about what can or cannot be used. This presentation will explain what is going on and what can be expected in the near future.

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