Name: Robert Maderick

Title: Service Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Robert Maderick had a decision to make. A few years ago, he had been studying for a career in criminal justice in Las Vegas — but he was considering changing his focus. Maderick had an uncle who worked as an HVAC technician in southern California, and he always talked about what a great living he made and how much he loved his job. Maderick knew he was a lot like his uncle, with an interest in working with his hands. So in 2011, he entered trade school. After going to class five days a week for nine months, Maderick graduated and found work as a duct cleaner.

That job gave him the opportunity to sell filters, and soon, he was selling a few a month. Maderick then moved into a maintenance position before moving on to service and comfort advising. Jason Henderson was his manager at that job, before Henderson left at the end of 2015 to start his own company. Once Henderson was ready to hire staff, Maderick was the first one he called — and Maderick joined Best Air Conditioning Plumbing Repair on Aug. 1, 2017.

Maderick said the company is a perfect fit. He loves to learn new things, and Best Air does a lot of high-end products and IAQ. They also redesign a lot of duct systems, as many houses were thrown up quickly during the Las Vegas housing boom. Maderick does a lot of the comfort consultant calls and runs 75 percent of the leads they get from a contract with Lowe’s. He also does service calls and occasional maintenance calls.

“I get to meet all sorts of new people, and the job is never the same from day to day,” Maderick said. “I hate monotony. Here, every situation is different.”

Henderson said Maderick is dedicated to his customers.

“Robert will do absolutely anything, anytime, for a client,” he said “Whether it is his first call at 8 a.m. or if it is midnight, he will never cut a corner.”

Maderick also loves to give back. He spent a weekend in October installing a unit for a family as part of Lennox’s Field of Love program. In addition, a percentage of the money generated by his pink-wrapped truck goes to Susan G. Komen to fund breast cancer research.

In the future, Maderick said he might want to move into training or focus more on working with customers. But he definitely wants to stay in the HVAC business.

“I love the industry, and I love who I work for,” Maderick said.


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