With its effortless sense of style and definitive beach-house vibe, Lido House by Marriott has become a favorite upscale destination in Newport Beach, California. The hotel’s design and architecture celebrate the town’s Cape Cod aesthetic with elegant twists on a variety of nautical themes, making this a sought-out locale for out-of-town visitors and area residents alike.

The resort features 130 guest rooms, five cottages, a full-service restaurant, a rooftop deck, and a spa. Located just minutes from the beach, the property often faces fluctuations in weather and temperature from the cool Pacific ocean breeze, requiring an HVAC solution that provides year-round heating and cooling with superior energy efficiency.

The project team and property management realized they needed to maximize open space for use by hotel guests. The space also required an ultra-efficient system that could fit unobtrusively into the interior design, maintaining serenity and guest comfort throughout the hotel’s communal and guest rooms. They chose LG’s Multi V™ 5 and Multi V™ S VRF systems, noted for energy efficiency and flexibility in design and installation options.

The Multi V 5 was used for the main hotel and the five rental cottages, where they allowed for personalized comfort control within each zoned area. Two LG Multi V S systems were incorporated into the Lido House’s kitchen and data server room. They provide dedicated temperature control while taking into account the increased need for cooling within those spaces, no matter the ambient temperature. Two LG AC Smart central controllers were installed to help building managers control the overall HVAC system. Since the installation, guests have reported the air conditioning is so quiet they can hardly tell that it’s on.