Company: MarketAir Inc.

Product: Disconnect Standby Switch (DSS)

Description: Complete with a ready-access standby portable generator port/switch for powering residential or light commercial air conditioner/heat pump condensers during power outages, this product ensures quick, reliable indoor air comfort within minutes for homeowners and tenants during power outages. It features a three-position toggle that switches from “PWR” (house power), “OFF” (disconnect mode), and “GEN” (generator position). It’s wired the same as a conventional disconnect box, but uses a plug-and-play whip. If a power outage or brownout occurs, condenser power can resume within seconds by connecting a working generator’s extension cord to the DSS’ grounded three-wire male 120V receptacle (four-wire on 240V models) and activating the standby switch. No rewiring is required. Assembled in the USA with UL-listed components, the product was developed specifically for air conditioners/heat pumps. It’s constructed of a 6 x 6 x 6-inch aluminum, corrosion-resistant, NEMA-rated weatherproof box (when in use). The transparent plastic, code-compliant locking cover allows sightlines to the interior power status LED red (generator) and green (house power) lights. It’s available in three voltage/amperages: DSS15–15 amp/120V; DSS25–25 amp/240V; and DSS30–30 amp/240V.

Contact: 732-985-8226,, eProduct 185

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