Company: Marketair Inc

Product: DrainMate

Description: This product line offers condensate drain hose connection fittings for ductless mini-split (DMS) wall-mount evaporators. The new DMB-34 is a blue, flexible plastic adaptor fitting for creating a tight, reliable connection from a DMS wall-mount evaporator’s 5/8-inch condensate drain hose to a ¾-inch Schedule-40 PVC drain pipe commonly used in many applications. It is fabricated from a special grip-enhancing, non-slip material. The 5/8-inch female end accepts any of the standard plain or ribbed plastic nipples commonly supplied by most ductless manufacturers for fitting to the end of the drain hose. The ¾-inch female end slides directly onto any standard PVC pipe to ensure a reliable and easy connection secured by clamps or cable ties. The product completes the color-coded line, which can accommodate any possible DMS drain line connection. Other DrainMate models include the DMY-58, a yellow 5/8-inch adaptor to connect the drain hose from the evaporator to a plain or flexible 5/8-inch hose, or to a ½-inch PVC pipe; and the DMG-1, a green adaptor for use when the 5/8-inch drain hose needs to be shortened requiring removal of the plastic nipple and then secured to a ¾-inch PVC pipe.

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