Company: Marketair Inc.

Product: Brasotek

Description: This product is available in two configurations — the BTA-5 Mini is a small felt-tipped, pen-sized applicator with a 6-ounce bottle for smaller pipes, and the BTA-20 MIDI is a larger version with 6.7-ounce bottle and 1-inch-long applicator pad for larger pipes. Both versions eliminate the cleaning of joint areas with emery cloth. The patented solution is brushed onto the surfaces surrounding the weld area and evaporates within five to 10 seconds. This provides a bright, clean surface that remains usable for up to 90 minutes. The result is a perfectly brazed connection when using a silver/phosphorus filler rod commonly used in high pressure refrigerant applications. The eco-friendly, nontoxic, and biodegradable liquid, which is nonflammable, is intended primarily for linesets as used in most ducted or ductless VRF/VRV a/c systems but can also be applied to most plumbing or hydronic heating installations, or any installations requiring copper pipe and fitting brazing. For very large pipe sizes, larger applicators are available on request.

Contact: 732-985-8226,, eProduct 186

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