Company: ServerCool™ is a division of Nortek™ Air Solutions

Product: CDU1200

Description: This product’s heat exchanger technology thermally transfers primary loop cooling to the secondary loop’s liquid cooling circuit for distribution to IT rack cold plates. It offers two redundant 15-hp stainless steel pumps with energy-efficient features including electronically commutated (EC) motors and variable frequency inverters that efficiently modulate optimum performance flow rates for the system’s 320-gpm capacity. System water purity is optimized with a standard 50-micron washable ultra filter/strainer and an optional ultraviolet (UV) light biological contaminant sterilization system. The product has an onboard programmable logic controller (PLC)-based microprocessor using custom-written, proprietary software. The system’s full instrumentation of triple-redundant pressure transducers and temperature sensors offers pinpoint control and monitoring of vital statistics such as primary and secondary loop discharge/return temperatures, data hall temperature, and humidity, pump PSI, and many other critical parameters. Operation parameters are accessed from its user-friendly, 7-inch color LED touchscreen HMI or a remote monitor. The unit’s control infrastructure features compatibility and plug-and-play connections with Modbus, BACnet™, and other building automation system protocols.

Contact: 800-422-4328,, eProduct 186

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