The opportunities for AHR Expo attendees are limitless. In the span of just a few days, manufacturers and associations from around the world come together to educate the industry and give a hands-on look at some of their latest and greatest products.

The AHR Expo itself honors products with Innovation Awards, and this year’s ceremony will be held on Tuesday, February 4. There, award winners will receive their trophies, and the coveted Product of the Year Award will be announced.

The ACHR NEWS will be on hand live for this announcement. Until then, enjoy the following preview of newly introduced products that will be on the show floor. All sectors of HVACR are represented at the AHR Expo, and the mass of exhibitors and crowded aisles are sure to reveal some amazing innovation.


A.O. Smith

Cyclone® LV

The product was created to serve the needs of facilities that require large storage for jobs with critical load requirements. Energy Star® certified with up to 96 percent thermal efficiency, this product’s modulating process adjusts the burner’s firing rate to a specific demand. Available in 220- and 250-gallon capacities, these units allow engineers to specify two Cyclone LV units where they would have previously needed four Cyclone Mxi® units. They feature advanced electronic control with built-in diagnostics and free iCOMM™ remote monitoring. LV models are lightweight and designed for maneuverability and ease of installation.
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Cooney Technologies

Smart Coil

This product delivers freeze protection for fluid and steam coils while communicating directly with the building automation system (BAS) when exposed to a freeze event. This allows building owners to stay one step ahead of potential system issues, as it senses a pressure increase and/or temperature drop associated with freezing events and then discharges a controlled volume of fluid to prevent damage. The company designed an integrated sensor to recognize a valve deployment and report to the BAS to take preemptive action against freeze damage while alerting the building owner of a freeze event.
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Daikin Applied
a member of Daikin Industries Ltd.

Rebel Applied™

This system features a high-efficiency motor and compressor and meets ASHRAE Standard 111 Class 6 air-leakage rating at +/-6 inches or 0.5 percent at design airflow. Used in new construction and retrofit applications, the product is small, light, and customizable. The unit exceeds U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requirements in place through 2023 and has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) over 11.0 and integrated EER (IEER) up to 17.0. It has a base channel that adapts to several different types of curbs that connect rooftop units to ductwork and electrical systems. There is no need for a transition curb. When equipped with Daikin Intelligent Equipment® remote monitoring, building managers can adjust ventilation, pressurization, and space temperature and humidity, among hundreds of other variables — from any connected device, in real time.
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This ceiling-hung product delivers heating and cooling uniformity from the same duct run. It is made possible by a full length internal membrane that’s positioned via a mechanized damper to disperse either warm air through its bottom hemisphere or cool air through its top hemisphere. When the membrane is positioned to block the duct’s top hemisphere vents during heating mode, the precisely engineered OriFlow™ orifices, NozzFlow™ nozzles, or JetFlow™ jets on the product’s bottom hemisphere disperse warm air down to the occupied level, regardless of ceiling height. The opposite occurs for cooling mode, as the membrane is positioned to block the bottom hemisphere’s vents to disperse cold air through the top hemisphere’s SonicFlow™ or MicroFlow™ vents, promoting a natural descent to the occupied zone.
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Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.

SC480 and SC680

These products work with the Fieldpiece Job Link® System App for on-the-go testing and reporting for HVACR electrical tests. Ideal for obtaining electrical measurements on mini splits, the included Molex tips are super thin to get readings on hard-to-reach circuitry. A low pass filter provides reliable voltage readings on variable frequency drives (VFDs). The SC680 model also measures DC amps for inverter systems. Both are CAT IV rated at 600 V, allowing the products to cover the higher levels of transient overvoltage HVACR professionals may encounter when working on utility service equipment. The devices test three-phase power with two leads and maintain wireless connection direct to mobile device at 115 feet. Included with the clamp meters are: SC680 or SC480 Job Link® System Power Clamp Meter, ATB1 Thermocouple (2x on SC680), ADLS2 Silicone Leads, ASA2 Gator Clip Leads, ANC7 Padded Case, and RCT2 Molex Tips.
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Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.

Floating Air® Pro

These wall-mount units feature the new FastPro™ design, which provide contractor-friendly features for easy installation and up to 50 percent faster service. This single-zone line offers heat pump systems ranging from 9,000 to 36,000 Btu. It comes in 115-V options as well. In cooling mode, the Fast Pro technology can operate at ambient temperatures as low as 5°F. Operation in heating mode will continue at ambient temperatures as low as minus 4°.
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D-TEK Stratus®

This product combines field leak detection reliability with cloud hunting mode, which helps the operator to find the area highest in concentration and then switch to pinpoint mode to quickly find the leak. It has a variety of robust features, including automatic and manual zero modes and the ability to detect all CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, HFOs, and blends (including A2Ls). The device also comes with an optional CO2 sensor. It has a sensitivity of 0.03 ounces per year, and this sensitivity will not degrade over time. To minimize maintenance, the infrared sensor offers long life and is easily field replaceable. It has a lithium ion battery.
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Johnson Controls

The YORK® Sun™ Choice 15-27.5 ton rooftop units

The 15- to 27.5-ton units exceed DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 25 percent and already surpass future DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10 percent to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. A lightweight design and direct replacement footprint offers ease of installation for both new product and retrofit applications to help reduce upfront costs. The units feature independent circuits to help avoid full unit shutdowns and a lead-lag compensator for reliability. Single-side access to all serviceable items provide ease of service, along with the support of the new Johnson Controls Commercial Application Support organization that provides technical and field support for installation, replacement, and service. A broad range of outdoor air options include both factory- and field-installed versions of low-leak damper economizers, constant volume powered exhaust, and modulating powered exhaust. The units also feature smart equipment enablement with a prepackaged control platform that maximizes control and efficiency while extending equipment life and reducing operating costs. Units integrate with multiple building controls systems, including Verasys®. An optional mobile access portal (MAP) gateway with Wi-Fi hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration, and maintenance logs using a mobile smart device.
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Navac Inc.

NTE11H Hydraulic Tube Expander

This product offers compact, one-handed handling for expanding large copper tubes in tight spaces. Featuring an ergonomically designed pressure release knob, it is a maintenance-free, vacuum-sealed hydraulic system. Among other benefits, this makes the tool durable, with a lifecycle of over 200,000 uses. It has a multi-type connector and comes with seven different fittings for various tubing sizes, as well as a deburring tool and a high-quality tube cutter. These are housed in a product-specific carrying case.
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Quick Seal Repair Patch

Designed for use in HVACR, plumbing, and a variety of other applications, this fiberglass-reinforced patch is made of polyester/plastic that bonds to all types of pipes and condensate pans. It is extremely durable, flexible, and waterproof. The product cures when exposed to UV light or sunlight. It can be drilled, tapped, sanded, or painted in less than an hour, and is resistant to many chemicals, solvents, and oils. This product comes in three sizes and can be cut to size, resealing any extra material in its original package. It works within temperature ranges of 390°F to minus 40°F. When curing indoors, the patch should be used with Nu-Calgon’s UV Leak Detection Kit, which includes a UV flashlight and safety glasses.
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a Watts brand

IntelliStation® Jr.

This product connects through the BAS and is self-balancing, which prevents overnight temperature creep by balancing the hot water distribution system during low- to no-demand periods. Passcode-protected and configurable on-site, it does not require factory pre-programming, a laptop, or special software to download for commissioning or when making adjustments to the valve. It has a programmable set point range of 60° to 180°F control of water temperature ±2°. Users can select high and low temperature alerts, and a scheduling feature with temperature setback helps users save money and energy. It is Wi-Fi enabled for fast and easy software upgrades. BAS communication protocols, BACnet MS/TP, and Modbus native to the controller do not require a separate module or additional cost.
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RectorSeal® LLC

RSH Series

Designed specifically for HVACR equipment, these products are permanently-installed and will protect all single-phase, 120/240-V air conditioning, heat pump, and ductless mini split systems from transient over-voltage and natural-cause surges. The UL 1449 listed products come in two models — the RSH-50 protects from up to 50,000-amp single surges and up to 10,000-amp repetitive surges, and the RSH-60 protects from up to 60,000-amp single surges and 20,000-amp repetitive surges. These products use thermally-fused metal oxide varistors (TFMOVs) combined with a gas discharge tube. The TFMOVs handle the everyday workload of commonly occurring surges generated within the building by millisecond transient over-voltages, in addition to supply-side utility voltage load transfers that repetitively degrade compressor motors, circuit boards, and other electrical components.
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AirCycle IAQ Program

This product helps HVAC professionals reframe the IAQ conversation with homeowners using a custom IAQ report. The report is based on data delivered by the AirCycle Pro Monitor, a sophisticated diagnostic device that measures six key IAQ indicators in 30 minutes: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, humidity, odors and smells, and temperature. Through training and measurable data, technicians can solve IAQ issues in the home. The program includes a full day of training for contractors and an AirCycle Pro monitor that generates a report, complete with product recommendations.
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CD60SS Stainless Steel Airfoil Blade Damper

This product is AMCA-certified for Class IA leakage resistance — 3 cubic feet per minute at 1-inch water gauge — which meets the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). It is constructed from 304-grade stainless steel and designed for high performance in HVAC systems with velocity and pressures up to 4,000 feet per minute velocity and 8-inch water gauge pressures. The product complements its galvanized airfoil model counterpart CD60. The stainless steel construction delivers higher durability against corrosion.
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Yellow Jacket®
a Ritchie Engineering Co. Inc. brand

The YJII™ Vacuum Pump

This product is compact, lightweight, and portable for servicing small systems. It is a two-stage, 5-cfm product that can reach an ultimate vacuum of 25 microns, ensuring system evacuation. Other key features include thermal protection, ¼-inch and 3/8-inch SAE flare inlet connections, ¾-inch garden hose exhaust, and an oversized oil drain.
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