Company: Greenheck

Product: SP-AP Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Description: This commercial product’s constant CFM EC motor technology ensures performance set points resulting in improved IAQ when application static pressure is higher than expected. It is two-speed capable — constantly on low speed — with built-in time delay. Three built-in high-speed airflow settings of 50, 80, and 110 cfm meet most common applications. Plug-and-play sensor modules for motion, humidity, CO2, and night light enable customization. A universal duct connector for 4-, 5-, and 6-ducting, along with an install bracket and room side-duct connection, allows for simple, quick installation in both new construction and retrofits. Certified as an Energy Star Most Efficient 2019 product, it is ideal for multifamily applications such as condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, and senior living facilities.

Contact: 715-359-6171,, eProduct 182

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