AUSTIN, Texas — "Gadgets don't make a smart home," said Mike Nefkens, president and CEO of Resideo during his opening remarks of Resideo Live. The industry event took place at the Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas.

“At Resideo, we’re committed to helping homeowners make sense of their homes, and in the process, help professionals modernize and expand their businesses while giving a better experience to customers,” he explained. “We do not believe that the critical systems of the home should be a do-it-yourself adventure."

It was then that Nefkens and Niccolo de Masi, president of Products and Solutions, and CIO of Resideo, announced several new products. The focus of which was the new Resideo Home App which will make whole-home monitoring possible for the four critical networks of the home – water, air, energy, and security. Four key points were outlined throughout the presentations:

  1. Resideo’s upcoming products and subscription services will seamlessly connect homeowners with professionals to help make homes safer, more efficient, and smarter.
  2. The company’s existing portfolio of smart products and services will upgrade to Resideo Home app through 2020.
  3. The app pairs homeowners with residential professionals to provide analytics and insights to help protect homes and identify trouble before it becomes catastrophic.
  4. Subscription water services are immediately available in the app. A new Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor expands indoor air subscription services for Pros.

Resideo also announced a new digital experience that can help its network of 110,000 trade professionals — and their 1 million technicians — build business for the future, simplify operations, and strengthen relationships with homeowners. The Resideo Pro Portal offers a single destination for product information, product support, access to services, and tools to promote and drive leads. A new training and loyalty program called Resideo Pro PERKS launches in January 2020.

Near the end of the presentation, Nefkens revealed the company's plan for its next-generation smart thermostat it will develop in partnership with professional contractors. Considered by Resideo to be more than a thermostat, the device will fully integrate with the Resideo Home app, providing insight into the four critical networks and access to subscription services through on-the-wall control with a modern user interface. 

The company plans to launch alpha and beta test programs with professionals in 2020.

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