PORTLAND, Ore. - AirAdvice Inc. announced that it is launching expanded home diagnostics solutions. Compatible with existing AirAdvice monitors, the new HomeAdvice™ solutions include:

• Wireless monitors to measure multiple locations for more complete comfort and energy savings analysis.

• A communication gateway to transmit data via cellular network to the HomeAdvice server, eliminating the need for a standard land line.

• New SmartIAQ Plus™ reports to highlight comfort issues and opportunities to save energy.

The new and expanded HomeAdvice features are designed to give contractors the ability to quickly and easily identify hot and cold spots in the home through simultaneous multi-room testing, as well as sophisticated time-based diagnosis of the most common indoor environment issues: humidity, temperature, particle allergens, chemical pollutants, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Every HomeAdvice report illustrates test results and recommendations for customers along with important educational information, detailed analysis sections, and colorful charts and graphs. In addition, the new SmartIAQ Plus report lets contractors combine data from multiple monitors into a single, comprehensive report.

“HomeAdvice delivers more of what our contractors told us they wanted,” said Isaac Simpson, vice president of contractor services at AirAdvice. “More diagnostics, more information for their customers on energy and system performance. HomeAdvice is about helping contractors serve their customers. We’ve got some exciting new technology and program updates - it’s a whole new level of home diagnostics, developed as a direct result of contractor input and initiative.”

The updated HomeAdvice reports also offer additional advantages to help contractors visually demonstrate problems and offer the right solutions. The Outdoor Environment page more effectively shows the outdoor temperature and humidity at the test location. The Energy Use page features a specific energy recommendation plus new “green” and programmable thermostat sections to better show homeowners how an equipment upgrade might impact their energy bill and their carbon footprint.

For more information, visit www.airadvice.com.

Publication date:10/08/2007