ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —  Appion revealed a new brand identity that includes a bold new logo and typeface as well as a fresh take on the core colors of gold and charcoal. This refresh reflects an always evolving HVACR landscape that is moving into a new decade, as well as Appion’s drive for continual improvement and refinement.

“When we talked about a brand refresh it was very important that we kept some of the elements that our customers recognize Appion for,” said Cody Young, Appion marketing manager, “such as the mountain images taken from our home state of Colorado. I think that the new logo does a great job of calling back to the classic Appion picture of the 14,000 foot tall Capitol Peak, while taking us into the future with a new look.”

Customers should expect to see the new-look packaging, brochures, and products on their HVACR wholesaler shelves within the next few months.

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