Company: Saelig Co. Inc.

Product: Fotric 326

Description: This product provides high quality radiometric images full of detailed thermal information in a handheld pistol-grip camera. Used for investigative analysis, it has a large aperture f1.0 IR lens. It has a minus 20°C to 650°C (minus 4°F to 1,202°F) measurement range to cover a wide variety of applications, especially when inspecting high-temperature objects. It offers an accuracy rating of ±2°C or ±2 percent, and a thermal sensitivity of 0.06°C (60mK). The device features 384x288 resolution, an adjustable focus lens, and a frame rate of 30Hz. In addition to the thermal image, the product can produce a visible light image and allows picture-on-picture fusion of the two images to enable accurate problem location. There are user-defined temperature thresholds, audible and visual alarms for crossing temperature threshold, and an adjustable focus. It has 3.5-inch screen display, and it also supports mounting a smartphone as both the display and data processing center.

Contact: 888-772-3544,, eProduct 181

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