data loggerA compact, easy-to-use instrument — PicoLog CM3 — measures the power consumption of any line-connected equipment, building supplies, and machinery. It is a USB- and Ethernet-networked current data logger. The data logger’s three channels allow it to monitor current in single-phase or three-phase ac installations. Applications include monitoring three-phase motors and generators, measuring the consumption of HVAC systems, and balancing phases in multiphase supplies. The data logger is supplied complete with three ac current clamps and a powerful data acquisition software package. PicoLog CM3’s measuring range is 0 to 200A, with an accuracy of ±1 percent and less than 10mA of noise. Conversion resolution is 24 bits. The current data logger is supplied with the PicoLog data logging software, which runs on any PC with Windows XP or later. Readings are displayed in a monitor window with optional limit alarms, alongside optional live graph and table views of the same data, and can be exported in a standard text format compatible with spreadsheet and analysis programs. A software development kit is also included.

Saelig Co. Inc.

eProduct 188