Company: Neutrasafe Corp.

Product: NSP-50

Description: This product combines the functions of two accessories into one: high-efficiency gas appliance condensate neutralization and condensate pumping. It is sufficient for appliances with input capacities up to 500,000 BTU/h. A transparent chamber top is provided for visual inspection of the neutralizing chamber. The cover snaps on and off for replacement of neutralization media, which is contained in a disposable fabric sack for quick recharging. The product can accommodate more than one appliance and features separate inlets for acidic condensate and non-acidic condensate. This allows the installer to use one device in place of two or more where both a gas-fired appliance and air conditioning unit may need to be drained. The built-in pump is the Little Giant VCMA series.

Contact: 781-616-3951,, eProduct 186

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