Company: FläktGroup SEMCO

Product: NEUTON Pump Module

Description: Newly released in 20- and 30-gpm capacities, this product provides active condensation control. Developed as a smart, plug-and-play device, it can help reduce chilled beam system installation cost by up to 30 percent through reduced labor and materials associated with zone piping, fittings, and building automation system complexity required per project. The product is available in three different capacities as well as a variety of configurations. Some include a single actuator for summer/winter switchover, and others use dual actuators that allow for simultaneous heating and cooling. Still other options include single-zone, single set point control, and multi-zone offered with single or multiple set point control. Instead of using secondary piping loops, this product blends and recirculates return water within its zone to convert typical 42°F and 140°F primary loop water temperatures to optimal 58°F or 100°F chilled beam discharge temperatures. This prevents cooling mode condensation and heating season heat stratification.

Contact: 573-443-1481,, eProduct 181

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