PALATINE, Ill. —  Accountability Information Management Inc. (AIM) published a new report, “HVAC Specifications — The Importance of Brand.” The independent brand preference study conducted by AIM indicated that brand was one of the most important factors architects consider when selecting a HVAC system for their projects. On average, architects rated brand a 3.8 on a five-point scale, with five being “extremely important.”

AIM’s study further revealed that 50 percent of architects surveyed indicated they were involved with making brand specifications for HVAC systems. Although this was an increase of 13 percent from a previous study, it still means architects are not necessarily taking the lead when it comes to brand preference. The research also indicated that 25 percent of the architects were involved, but have no brand preference.

“The key to gaining ground in specifications and preference is to become a ‘basis of design,’” said Patty Fleider, lead researcher for AIM. This means that the architect (or designer) is calling out a specific brand that should be used to meet the objectives of a project. And while there will inevitably be other manufacturers listed as possibilities, it is the ‘basis of design’ choice that drives the specification. It only makes sense then to become the ‘basis of design’ and enhance brand selection and preference of a manufacturer’s product.”

“New advances in technologies make it critical for manufacturers to educate architects and designers on their products,” said Fleider. “Today, the trade-off is in information. With so many professionals involved in selecting HVAC systems, availability, service, support, and knowledge are crucial factors that give manufacturers an edge.”

To read AIM’s full report on HVAC, visit here:

Publication date: 6/26/2019

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