For the first time, the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) has curated a new Commercial and Food Retail Track for the 2019 IIAR Conference and Expo set for March 3-6 in Phoenix. While this event has traditionally focused on the industrial sector, this new track will incorporate the NASRC’s network of industry experts to explore ideas and trends in commercial refrigeration through technical papers, presentations, and panel discussions. 

The IIAR Conference and Expo is recognized for bringing together a diverse group of industry experts to highlight the latest technology innovations and products from manufacturers, contractors, and other service providers. With over 1,500 attendees last year, this conference provides opportunities to network.

Get a sneak peek of a few of the Commercial and Food Retail Track sessions below:

Case Study: The First Commercial Propane/Carbon Dioxide Cascade Refrigeration System in North America

This technical paper and presentation will discuss the first and only propane/CO2 cascade system in a North American supermarket, a pilot project intended to investigate the viability of this previously unused system option. Authors will explore the project road map and system design, approval and permitting process, cost comparison, and performance to date of this system. 

Supermarket Experiences With Low-Charge Ammonia

This panel discussion will mark the first discussion of end users who have adopted ammonia/CO2 cascade systems. Panelists will examine their experiences with low-charge ammonia, including system performance and barriers to adoption. This session will provide insights around questions, such as whether the perceived danger of ammonia is a true barrier, and what other barriers have prevented more supermarkets from considering low-charge ammonia systems. 

Ready or Not: Is Commercial Service Readiness a Barrier to Adoption?

Service readiness, including availability of service technicians, training resources, and certification programs, is often cited as a barrier preventing the adoption of natural refrigerant technologies. But is service readiness truly a barrier, or is it a symptom of low adoption rates? This panel, composed of end-users and service contractors, will explore this question and identify areas to address this barrier — true or perceived.

Publication date: 2/7/2019

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