ATLANTA — FieldEdge (formerly dESCO), a field service management software provider in the U.S., announced its newest integration partnership with GreenSky®, a financial lending company, at the 2019 AHR Expo.

Originally known as Coastal Computer Corp., and then dESCO, the company officially rebranded to FieldEdge in 2017. FieldEdge brought its first service management software to market in 1979, releasing the first electronic dispatch board in the mid-90s and offering an affordable mobile solution in the early 2000s.

FieldEdge has steadily achieved triple-digit growth both in terms of revenue and company size in the span of a few years while adding various integration partners along the way. The latest partner to collaborate with FieldEdge is GreenSky, a financial lending company whose proprietary platform enables merchants to provide promotional payment options to consumers.

Following targeted market research conducted in 2018, FieldEdge examiners found that a key setback within the contracting industry came from delays in the process of obtaining loans. FieldEdge partnered with GreenSky, so it could fully implement time-saving, paperless, and user-friendly financing solutions to expedite the process and better serve the financial needs of customers.

Through GreenSky’s easy-access connection between bank and buyer, specialized training or company-issued technology is now unnecessary for contractors, and loans are carried out with ease and less wait time for customers. The purpose of the GreenSky integration is to condense the loan application and approval processes that can take up to two weeks. Service businesses in return are able to close larger deals sooner, get paid faster, and increase overall company revenue.

“Consideration of the customer’s time and experience were the priorities behind this partnership,” said Connie Certusi, president of FieldEdge. “We are excited to have worked so closely with GreenSky and welcome an integration partner that allows us to expand our offerings to our customers, specifically financial offerings.”

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Publication date: 01/17/18