Company: Big Ass Fans®

Product: Pivot 2.0

Description: Mounted to a ceiling, beam, or column, this product eliminates stagnant air in every corner of a workplace. Its 6-foot diameter fits into low-clearance and tight spaces, and the patented airfoil and winglet are designed for maximum air movement. Featuring a direct-drive motor, this fan has 73 airflow positions and a number of speeds to provide users with circulation whether it’s down an aisle or assembly line, around obstructions, or in spaces with low-hanging ceilings. Pivoting joints allow easy head-angle adjustments for targeted cooling, and a variable-speed controller mounts to standard single-gang junction boxes or directly to the wall. It has a precision-molded hub, a durable steel cage, and industrial-grade parts to help it stand up to tough environments. It has a three-year warranty on the motor, controller, and parts and a lifetime warranty on the hub and airfoils.

Contact: 877-244-3267;; eProduct 186