Industrial FanIncreasing the coverage area and warranty of the company’s Power-foil® X is the Powerfoil X2.0 industrial fan. The fan introduces an airfoil system that combines patented airfoils and winglets with patent-pending AirFence™ technology to increase overall coverage by 28 percent, said the company. The winglet improves airfoil effectiveness by eliminating efficiency-robbing turbulence at the tip, while the AirFence captures air that would otherwise slip off the end of the airfoil, the company said. The fan is 8 to 24 feet in diameter. Features include the purpose-built NitroSeal Drive gearbox for maximum durability and cool operation. The patented NitroSeal drive is nitrogen filled and hermetically sealed to create the ideal internal environment, keeping contaminants out for zero maintenance. The gearbox features <11 arc minutes backlash HeliCamber gear technology, SKF tapered roller bearings, a 2½-inch hollow output shaft, Simrit double-lipped output seals, and lifetime synthetic oil.

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