RICHARDSON, Texas — Lennox Industries’ iHarmony Zoning System allows homeowners to achieve precise comfort control in up to four areas of the home, solving the problem of uneven or uncomfortable temperatures throughout living areas.  Installed with the iComfort S30 thermostat, the iHarmony Zoning System maximizes energy efficiency by restricting heating and cooling to seldom-used rooms and directing it where it is needed, helping homeowners save money on utility bills.

Up to four areas in the home, known as zones, have thermostats to monitor and adjust the temperature in each specific room, creating precise home comfort control. With just a few taps on the iComfort S30 — or any web-enabled device, including a smartphone — the iHarmony Zoning System can manage each living area any time, from any location. The temperature in a specific zone can also be changed with just a touch or two to the specific in-zone thermostat.

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